Sound Level Meter

Alat ukur tingkat kebisingan
Designed according to IEC651, Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2
CE and ISO 9001

Measuring Range:
30~130dB A , ±1,5 dB
35~130dB C

Level Range Control Switch
30dB to 80dB
50dB to 100dB
60dB to 110dB
80dB to 130dB

Frequency Range : 31.5HZ-8.5KHZ
Linearity Range: 50dB
Digit & Resolution : 5Digits & 0.1dB
Bar Graph : 50dB scale at 1dB step monitoring
Time Weighting Selection : Fast for normal measurement, Slow for checking AVERAGE level of fluctuating noise
Frequency Weighting
A weighting for general sound level measurement
C weighting for checking low frequency content of noise
Power Source : 9 Volt alkaline battery or 9Volt DC adaptor
Dimensions : 265(L) × 72(W) × 35(D)mm
Weight : 300g approx.

Sound Level Meter termasuk :
Battery 1 x 9 Volt alkaline
Windscreen ball
Operation Manual
Carrying Case


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