Bomb Calorimeter

Bomb Calorimeter with Digital Differential Temperature (DDT) / Firing Unit (FU) provides an accurate, simple & inexpensive method for determination of Heat of Combustion, Calorific Values & Sulphur contents of solid & liquid fuels.
The Digital Differential Temperature / Firing Unit with Electronic Timer Beep is having following features:
Temperature Indication : 3 ½ Digit – Digital Display
Differential Temperature Range : 0 – 10ºC
Reading Accuracy of Temperature : 0.01ºC
Firing Voltage for Bomb : 12 V AC
LED Indication for filament continuity
LED Indication for Bomb Calorimeter Combustion

Bomb body machined from corrosion-resistance stainless steel alloy
Each bomb tested at a pressure of 300 kg/cm² or 10 minutes
Offset stirrer precluded heat from motor to calorimeter vessel
Easy to handle and operate

Bomb Calorimeter is supplied with:

  1. Combustion bomb
  2. Calorimeter with Bomb support
  3. Combined lid for calorimeter Vessel & jacket
  4. Water Jacket
  5. Stirrer
  6. Connecting leads
  7. Copper connecting tube to connect the fine adjustment Valve with pressure gauge to Oxygen cylinder (Oxygen Cylinder is not supplied by us)
  8. Adjustable spanner
  9. Ignition wire (20 Meters) Nichrome (36 SWG)
  10. Cotton Reel
  11. Stand for Bomb lid
  12. Hook for lifting Bomb
  13. Crucible-2 nos. (SS)
  14. Gelatin Capsule 50 nos.
  15. O – rings for Bomb & Stirrer (one set each)
  16. Instruction Manual
  17. Valve for Bomb
  18. Valve Key
  19. Benzoic Acid (10 tablets)
  20. Pellet press
  21. Platinum wire ( optional at extra cost)
  22. Gas Releasing Valve


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