Combustion Efficiency & Emission Analyzer

Alat ukur dan analisa emisi gas buang pada
kendaraan bermotor diesel
Measured Data
Oxygen: 0.1 to 20.9%
Carbon Monoxide (hydrogen compensated): 0 to 4,000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide High: 4,001 to 80,000 ppm
Nitric Oxide*: 0 to 3,500 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide*: 0 to 500 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide*: 0 to 4,000 ppm
Combustibles: 0 to 5% (application dependent)
Stack Temp.: -4 to 2400°F (-20 to 1315°C)
Primary/Ambient Temp.: -4 to 999°F (-20 to 999°C)
Pressure/Draft: -27.7 to 27.7 inches of Water
Calculated Data
Combustion Efficiency: 0.1 to 100.0%
Excess Air: 1.0 to 250%
Carbon Dioxide(dry basis): 0 to fuel dependent maximum
NOx: 0 to 4,000 ppm
NOx (ref. to %O2): 0 to 17,000 ppm
CO (ref. to %O2): 0 to 99,9999 ppm
NO (ref. to %O2): 0 to 14,900 ppm
NO2 (ref. to %O2): 0 to 2100 ppm
SO2 (ref. to %O2): 0 to 17,000 ppm
Power: Universal AC adapter and an internal battery pack. Adapter will accept input voltages from 100 to 240V. Fully charged battery pack provides a minimum of 8 hours of operation
Pumps & Probe: Two pumps are included. The first pump supplies gas sample to the sensors. The second pump supplies fresh air to purge the low-range CO sensor when CO levels exceed 400 ppm. Probe includes a standard probe and hose assembly equipped with a water trap, particulate filter, probe stop, 15 feet of hose, and 12-inch probe tube
Size: 13.5″H x 18.5″W x 9″D (342.9 x 467.0 x 228.6 mm)
Weight: 25 lbs (11.34 kg)
Warranty: 1 year
* Optional


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