Digital Hammer Test

Hammer Test Digital
The unit is an integrated digital concrete test hammer which combines data processor and test hammer into one unit. It is widely used for nondestructive testing quality of concrete and building materials in finished structure or prefabricated blocks. From its rebound value, the compressive strength of concrete can be calculated out automatically. All testing data can be stored in memory and transferred to PC by USB cable or wireless by Blue tooth.

Key Features:

  • High contrast OLED display
  • All setup can be made on site
  • Automatic calculating compressive strength
  • Automatic correction of impact direction
  • All data will be stored in memory
  • All data can be transferred to PC by USB cable or bluetooth(optional)
  • Dual display for analogue ruler and digital value

Display: OLED digital
Range: 10-70N/mm
Accuracy: +/-0.1R
Impact energy: 0.225kgm
Dimension: 280*75*60mm
Net weight: 1.1kg


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