Francis Barker Compass

Penunjuk arah mataangin Francis Barker
The M-88 Liquid Prismatic Compass is built to the same exacting standards as the M-73, but is made largely from aluminium alloy making it very lightweight. Five self-luminous tritium light sources enable full night and daylight operation.  The
dial assembly is mounted in a liquid filled sealed capsule designed to allow the full servicing of the compass to sub-assembly level.
Extensive environmental testing and rigorous quality control measures ensure that the M-88 can operate with precision in the most difficult climatic conditions. The green M88 compass with its green padded protective pouch comes complete with a brown hand made satin-lined presentation box and full instructions.

▪ Fully functional
▪ Degrees version
▪ Supplied with full instructions
▪ Full day/night use – 5 tritium lights
▪ Military Issue
▪ Rotating bezel with click step mechanism
▪ Complete with Velcro Pouch

Size: 85 x 60 x 34mm
Weight: 125g
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C
Pivot: Sapphire Jewel
Liquid: Purified Kerosene
Graduation: Degrees (360 Divisions)
Night Illumination: 5 Tritium Lights
Accuracy: One half of one degree (10 mils)



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