Francis Barker Compass

Penunjuk arah mataangin Francis Barker
The M-73 Liquid Prismatic Compass is a robust, precision instrument of predominantly brass construction, designed to withstand the most hazarduous climatic conditions.
Quick, precise settlement of the liquid filled dial assembly allows rapid use of the compass in field conditions.
Five self-luminous tritium light sources enable full night and daylight operation and every component of the M-73 can be replaced leading to years of continuous, reliable use.  The black M-73 is supplied in a grey hand made satin-lined presentation box complete with leather pouch and full instructions.
▪ Degrees version
▪ Fully functional
▪ Supplied with full instructions
▪ Full day/night use – 5 tritium lights
▪ Military Issue
▪ Rotating bezel with lock screw
▪ Complete with Case

Size: 85 x 60 x 34mm
Weight: 210g
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +55°C
Pivot: Sapphire Jewel
Liquid: Purified Kerosene
Graduation: Degrees (360 Divisions)
Night Illumination: 5 Tritium Light Source
Accuracy: One half of one degree (10 mils)



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