Pipe Locator

Alat Deteksi pipa dan kabel bawah tanah
Technical specifications For locator and transmitter
Sensitivity: 5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
Dynamic range: 140dB rms/√Hz
Selectivity: 120dB/Hz
Depth accuracy Line: ± 5% tolerance 4″ (0.1m) to 10ft (3m)
Sonde: ± 5% tolerance 4″ (0.1m) to 23ft (7m)
Maximum Depth* Line: 20ft (6m) Sonde: 50ft (15m)
Locate accuracy: ± 5%
CD Fault-Finding (CDFF): 5 CD pairs
Fault-Finding (FF): Diagnose cable sheath faults from short circuit to 2MΩ using theA-frame
Batteries Locator: 2 x D-cells (LR20)
Transmitter: 8 x D-cells (LR20)
Battery life Locator: 30 hours intermittent
Transmitter: use dependent on signal conditions typically 15 hours
Dynamic overload protection: 30dB (automatic)
Compliance/Approvals: FCC, RSS 310 RoHS, Weee, CE, Bluetooth®
Weight Transmitter: 6lb (2.84kg) (including batteries)
9lb (4.2kg) (including accessories)
Locator: 4lb (1.87kg) (including batteries)
Environment IP54
In good conditions. *RD8000 will locate to greater depths but with reduced accuracy.



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