Sling/Wire Rope Defect Test

Sling/Wire Rope Defect Test

Alat deteksi kerusakan tali kawat (sling)
The instrument is designed to detect stepwise defects such as wire breaks and localised corrosion.
Range of rope sizes
MD-20: 8 to 22 mm diameter
MD-25: 10 to 25 mm diameter
suitable for detecting any typically broken wire
MD20 Wire Rope Tester
Detection level, adjustable by ten-turn potentiometer
Speed of checked rope:

Recommended 0.1 to 2.5 m/s (6 to 150 m/min); results are independent of rope speed

4 light-emitting diodes
LB (red) – low battery/charging
OK (green) – lack of rope defects
D (yellow) – defect (flashing at defect location)
DM (red) – faulty rope (continuous light)
Sound beeper

Ni-Cd or NiMH 8.4-9V/100-160 mAh rechargeable battery (included)
or 9V type 6F22 primary battery
Rechargeable battery can be charged inside the instrument by internal circuits and external transformer/charger
(230 V a.c. to 12-19 V d.c. version included)
Operating temperature:

standard MD 20/25: -10 to +40°C
MD 20L: –25 to +40°C
Output socket:
stereo jack coupling
Damage detection signal
Inductive transducer signal
Length: 205 mm
Width: 46 mm
Height with rollers (hand operated, full diameter range): 280 mm
Height with sliding guides for up to 18 mm diameter (mounted tester): 243 mm
Height without rollers and sliding guides (frictionless rope passage through the mounted tester): 163 mm
Weight: MD-20 4,5 kg / MD-25 4,9 kg


Software & Data
Acquisition Package for MD25

Software & Data Acquisition Package for MD25

Type MD20
Type MD25

  • Digital Data Logger with Software for 1-channel
    digital data collection (via USB Port to PC)
  • Analytical Software for PC”

Note: PC / Laptop is not included


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