Sound Level Meter with USB Connection

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Sound level meters measure sound pressure level and are commonly used in noise pollution studies for the quantification of almost any noise, but especially for industrial, environmental and aircraft noise.
Microphone: 1/2 Inch Electret Condenser Microphone
Measuring Range: 30~130dB
Accuracy: ±1.5dB
Frequency Range: 31.5HZ~8.5KHZ
Frequency Weighting: A/C
USB Computer Connect: USB
Data Analysis: online/offline
Data Store: 4700 stock
AC\DC Output: √
Low Battery Indication: √
Over Range Indication: √
Resolution: 0.1dB
Time Weighting Selection: Fast/Slow
Max Hold Function: √
Power: AA*4 battery (with external power receptacle)
Product Net Weight: 300g
Product Size: 183*67*30mm


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