VIBROTIP Vibration Analyzer

Analisa getaran pada mesin

Entry-level data collector
VIBROTIP is an extremely rugged and easy-to-use hand-held data collector for five key indicators of machine condition. All sensors are built in, with no cumbersome cables or fragile plugs. VIBCODE (optional) can be used to eliminate mixups of measurement location and type, and OMNITREND PC software automatically archives trend data, issues warnings and alarms and programs VIBROTIP with all desired measurements.
Key features
1 analog measurement channel
Route mode (data collector)
Segment display
Simple 3-key operation
Battery operation
Lightweight (300 g)
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5-in-1 measuring tool
VIBROTIP provides built-in sensors for the 5 most important machine condition parameters:

  1. Vibration severity
  2. Bearing condition
  3. Rotational speed
  4. Temperature
  5. Pump cavitation

Technical Specifications

  • Channels 1x analog:
  • Vibration sensors (Current Line Drive – CLD)
    Built-in sensors:
  • Vibration, Shock pulse & Pump cavitation
  • Temperature
  • RPM
    Meas. range: Velocity: 0 .. 50 mm/s
    Shock pulse: -9 .. 80 dBsv
    Temperature: -30 .. +270 °C
    RPM: 60 .. 30 000 rpm
    Dynamic range: 48 dB
    Memory: 128 kB
    Prot. class: IP 65
    Display: LCD: fixed segment
    Supply: Battery


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