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Rapid measurement of painting paint viscosity convenient to use

The Iwata cup is based on the Japan method of liquid viscosity measurement. It has a taper orifice with the internal diameter of 50mm to the external diameter 86mm. However, the procedure of usage is the same as that of the Zahn Cups.

Main Technical Parameters:

  1. Internal Vertical Height: 43±0.1mm
  2. Internal Orifice: 3.81±0.5mm
  3. External Orifice: 6.0±0.5mm
  4. Internal Diameter: 50±0.5mm
  5. Outer Diameter: 86±0.1mm
  6. Operating Temperature: 10±0.1mm
  7. Centistokes Range: 70 to 370
  8. Efflux Time: ±0.2s


  1. Immerge the viscosity cup into the fluid, and make sure the cups upper edge lower the level surface of the fluid;
  2. Take the cup upright out of the fluid, and press the stopwatch at the same time;
  3. Press the stopwatch again when the flowing stream appear the first breaking-off;
  4. Repeat the above-mentioned procedure twice for precise evaluation;
  5. Average the total three testing values as the flow speed or viscosity of the fluid.


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